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Domus Cordis conducts its Destination Confirmed Retreat in Jakarta and Atambua every year.  The Destination Confirmed Jakarta is offered to fellow young people in general, whereas Destination Confirmed Atambua is dedicated for seminarians.  This retreat is aimed at encouraging young people to live their lives by discovering a personal life mission through the basic understanding of Theology Of the Body. This weekend retreat also serves as the entrance gate for participants to join the Domus Cordis community.


Each session of this retreat is developed based on God’s calling on us to live in His love, and further about how we are called to choose happiness either through celibacy or marriage.  Each choice herein surely brings about various responsibilities and consequences, but they all lead us to happy lives in accordance with God’s invitation.


The session of Corpus Christi adoration invites all participants to look at the body of Christ, the body that has been sacrificed as a total expression of love to the bitter end. Jesus even died for our sin.  The redemption He offers, however, is not only the redemption of our sins in the past, but it is also the grace of redemption for every aspect of our lives, including the heart redemption that frees us from addiction or tendencies to sin. This session prepares participants to continue to the next phase where they are invited to open themselves to receive the breath of God through Holy Spirit anointment.


Theology of the Body has its origins in the understanding of body and sexuality, but it flows to the deepest heart that is empowered by the Holy Spirit to love purely as how Jesus Himself loves us. This love moves us to achieve the dreams that God has placed in our deepest hearts. Through this, each of us may embrace a special and unique mission to bear fruits for the Church and for the world as well.


If the previous sessions provide basic understanding, the next session of prayer before the Cross brings liberation, and the Holy Spirit anointment gives power that enable us to love, the last session does invite each participant to dare to step outside of the comfort zone, and to move forward to achieve the dreams as our mission to proclaim the Good News to the world and others.


Through this journey, all participants are invited to explore their deepest hearts, and to find their beautiful and hopeful purposes of lives as planned by God Himself. Yes, in Him our destination is indeed confirmed!